Electrical and electronic system content in both automotive and commercial vehicles will continue to become more intricate as new technologies are accepted and implemented. From vehicle level integration requirements to individual subsystem and component design validation, RACAR’s vehicle electronics group has significant expertise and industry experience that includes powertrain, body, chassis, safety, and entertainment electrical and electronic systems hardware and software.

With ever-increasing electrical content being delivered in vehicles, electrical systems engineering is increasingly in demand, and critical to overall vehicle success. Our team of experienced engineers has been keeping up with the demands of the industry and has been steadily growing.

Our Services include:

  • Design, integration & development of vehicle based electrical systems
    • Overall vehicle electrical architecture design
    • Model based electrical systems analysis
    • Component design, development, prototyping, On-board diagnostics & prognostics
    • Communications, networking and telemetry

  • Test Bench Design & Automation
    • Test benches designed to suit our customers’ requirements including vehicle based test systems, component test systems
    • Ruggedized design for use in harsh environments
    • Fixture design and fabrication
    • Data acquisition – creation of database systems and automated data presentation
    • Customized data post-processing software to allow for efficient analysis of data

  • Vehicle Control System Development
    • Embedded Control System specification and integration
    • Algorithm development including model based design and plant modeling
    • Hardware in the loop (HIL) development
    • On-board Diagnostic development
    • Engine, transmission, hybrid, electric motor, chassis and brake systems control
    • Vehicle Network Communications